Solar Power Pack

Solar Power Pack
Now YOU can convert SUNSHINE into MONEY........
Want to Know, what You will Get, when You Install Solar Electricity Power Pack?
Create your own Power with Solar Power Pack
  Get clean, Green, Reliable Solar Electrical Power supply with steady voltage and frequency.
[Get Peace of Mind, Not dependent on State Electricity Board Electricity].
Enjoy even during Long Power Cuts
  Control the situation with Solar Electricity at Your place.
Get Insured From Hike in Electricity Rate.
  Save money, enjoy life and stay in control of your budget with Solar Electricity Power Pack.Your Cost stays as it is.
Save Taxes, Save Money, Get Power & Peace
  Get up to 80% depreciation in first year.[Consult Your Accountant]
Contribute to Green Environment,
  Choose Solar Energy, an ideal substitute to fossil fuels and keep your Earth / surrounding clean and green, Free from pollution by adopting Solar Electricity.
Save On Costs By Easy and Simple Installation.
  Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Power Pack can be installed at the point of use.
Create the power where it will be used.
SAVE More on cost of wiring, polls and transmission loss, as Solar Energy Power Pack can be mounted on rooftop or ground.
Get returns every year for long period for Your Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Panel
  With Long Span of Solar Photo Voltaic Panel, You will Get more output without much maintenance cost.
One Installation, Many Solutions.
  • Use it to charge your existing Inverter / Battery. OR
• Use it during Power Cuts. OR
• Use it to directly run tubes/fans.
• Many more solutions in pipeline.
What do you get?
  An Efficient Solar Power Pack that will work Even in Low light conditions, [More value for money].
Yearly Energy output yield is more than Other manufacturers. [More value for money].
Sturdy German Design with 25+ year power warranty. [Peace of mind]
A solution given by the experience by combining strengths of 3 companies so that you can save money, receive more output,
Feel Secure and Get Peace of Mind plus value for money.

(a) Generate YOUR own Clean & Green Power.
(b) Insure/ safeguard YOURSELF from power cost hike forever.
(c) Save / Earn Money easily from Now, Year after Year.
(d) Be the pioneer to adopt clean & green energy, thus saving Mother Earth from pollution.
  Powerful solutions for YOU from Sudhan Enterprises
  Introducing S-Cube Solar Power Pack – Creating Electricity from Solar Energy.

S-Cube Solar Power Pack comes with

  • Premium Solar Electricity Panels from Schott Solar Germany ( The best Technology & Assured Quality).
    These Panel converts solar enegy (photons ) to electricity (DC Power).
  • Charge Control Regulator
    An intelligent device that shuts off Solar Charging when battery is fully charged.   
  • The Battery Bank
    To store the electricity received from Solar Power Pack.
  • The Intelligent Inverter.
    Ready to give YOUR Equipment Electricity when you need them..
What do you get when you choose us?
(1) A solution carved by 3 Companies strength so that you get the best.
See following:
(2) M/s. Schott Solar Germany
  with more than 50 years of experience in solar technology with expertise in solar photovoltaic and power plants.
This means YOU will always get world class German Quality and latest Technology.
(3) M/s. Sanjay Marketing Company
  A Dealer of Tata BP Solar India Ltd for more than a decade. A system designer and solution provider for building several solar plants in India. Approved system designer & solution provided by M/s. Schott Solar India
Some of the projects done by them:
(a) M/s Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation ( Wind Solar Hybrid System) 10 KW (2003)
(b) M/s Johnson & Johnson- 1 KW Solar Power Pack (2004).
(c) M/s Larsen & Turbo Ltd, Mahape 50 KW Solar Power Pack (2007)
(d) M/s Mumbai Municipal Corporation ,Solar Power Pack 1.45 KW
(e) M/s Arunkumar Surekha , Solar Power Pack 5.12 KW (2007)
(f) M/s Anugraha Samstha , Solar Power Pack 5 KW (2010)
(g) M/s Auto Hanger , Solar Power Pack 2.5 KW (2011) Mercedes Benz.
(h) M/s Dhruv, Vileparle , Solar Power Pack 1.2 KW (2011) Grid connect
(i) M/s Gaurav Electronics- Solar Power Pack 50 KW.
(j) Projects implementation done in association with M/s Precocious Energytech Pvt Ltd. at Dhama, Gujarat , Solar Power Pack 6 Mega Watt.
This means YOU will get Assured Reliable & Time tested solutions.

M/s. Sudhan Enterprises

  You can contact us by using the following form or on following Office Address, Phone or Mobile Numbers:

G/3, Mayuresh Darshan, Near Ammu Arcade, Mhasoba Maidan, Syndicate, Kalyan (W) Pin:421304. 

Phone: 0251-2207095, Mobile No: +919820178368

  A Company having an experience of more than 15 years in manufacturing Inverters, Power System integration, Channel Partner Sales Development, Support system integration with more than 4500 satisfied Clients.
This means you will get good support.
Technical Information about Solar Power Pack.
Technology- Thin Film Technology.
Contents-> 10 No. of Solar Panels from Schott Solar, 4 No. of Battery, 1 No.of Sinewave Power Inverter, 1No.of Solar charge Regulator.
Number of Solar Panel => 10 No.
Size of Panel=> 4.5 Ft x 4 Ft.
Wattage of each panel=> 100 watts.
Voltage of panel when connected via charge regulator= 12 V
Solar Charge Regulator = 1 No.
Total Voltage of system = 24 V
Batteries provided with the system = Exide 6 EL [12V / 130 AH] x 4 No or Similar.
Sinewave Inverter Capacity 1600 VA/ 24 V
  Suitable wiring and structure as may be decided.

Yes, I want to Install Solar Power Pack, Please Contact Me NOW !
I want to reap benefits of Solar Energy,Plan for future and Save Money by investing into Quality Product.


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